Profile: FRONTLINE is Penlieu’s third generation software product. Its design stresses the social work requirement for an information support system “at the desktop”, while simultaneously incorporating the management, administrative, and support needs in the agency.

All agency staff members have access to client data which is appropriate to their level of responsibility. This data includes current client profiles, complete service information, exhaustive cross-referencing, client financial data, all placement activity, assessments and recordings.

FRONTLINE is designed for any direct service agency whether single service (e.g., Child Welfare only) or multi-service (e.g., Child Welfare, Young Offenders, Children’s Mental Health, Community Care). It is a single software system with options for customization in respect of individual agency’s policies, practices, and procedures.

Software Inclusiveness:

FRONTLINE includes all the features specified by Child and Family Services Act, Ministry guidelines, and agency requirements with specific focus on: